Projects Civil


The Square, Woodville West – Stage 3A & 6, Renewal SA

Construction of a 16 allotment urban renewal land division at Woodville West. The project scope includes bulk earthworks, engineered allotment filling, SA Water services (sewer and water), stormwater drainage, power and lighting including linking in to all existing infrastructure, granular pavement construction, paving works and concrete kerbing. Careful staging of works where required to minimize the impact of service shutdowns and access to properties.             


Variations: Additional scope to re-compact allotment levels to natural to allow for the placement of fill to level 1.


Extensions of Time: 5 days – additional scope and inclement weather


Value added options: Staging of works for service works. All corresponding roads to the subdivision had the services relayed and altered. Careful staging was implemented in order to allow the local residence access to their properties and the surrounding streets. Allotment earthworks were undertaken at the latter stage of the projects in order to minimize the effect of the program on the above average rainfalls experienced.


Problem Solving: Due to sandy conditions of the subgrade and the weather conditions throughout the duration of the project, the basecourse was laid as soon as the subgrade was exposed. This prevented the subgrade from becoming saturated and allowed for the continuation of works in a timely manner, despite the poor weather conditions.


Estimated Value: $680,000 & Construction Period: 10 weeks



Starboard Road Seaford, Stormwater Drainage, City Of Onkaparinga

Construction of a new stormwater drainage network in Starboard Road, Seaford. The existing steel pipe corroded and failure occurred causing washout and erosion of the backfill. The project scope included supply and installation of various diameter reinforced concrete pipes, supply and installation of precast stormwater pits, reinstatement of pavement surfaces and connection to the existing network. The new pipework alignment is from the top of the cliff to the beach below, this brought about logistical issues, as well as risks from rising tides. New pipe was directional drilled, to avoid any unwanted environmental damage to the cliff face.


Variations: Additional scope of works to retain the lower outlet structure.


Extensions of Time: Inclement weather delays.


Value added options: Flexibility to stage project and work from the lower side, whilst favorable weather conditions existed. Whilst onsite a cliff collapse occurred nearby, which we were able to quickly assist and make safe for public access.


Problem Solving: The original design had HDPE pipe that was not readily available in Adelaide. By redesigning the network to a twin pipe system, we were able to reduce costs and maintain program.


Estimated Value: $250,000 & Construction Period: 6 weeks



RAA Carpark Redevelopment, Royal Automobile Association

Camco were engaged to construct two new carparks for the Royal Automobile Association (RAA).


Pymbrah Road Carpark - involved the construction of a new sixty-six space carpark. This included site clearing & bulk fill earthworks (approx. 700m3) all the while maintaining careful site management of earthworks and drainage runoff due to the soil conditions. Two stormwater detention basins were constructed through a network of pits and pipes draining into biofiltration pods, with a pump to discharge all filtered water into the existing council stormwater system. The works also included the installation of new retaining walls, lighting, CCTV and fencing.


Richmond Road Carpark – RAA also required an upgrade to their current visitors centre to allow for more short term parking spaces. The new parking bays and DDA compliant car parking bays were created by redesigning and extending the existing car parks. Due to the location of the site, a block retaining wall was constructed to prevent water ingress from Richmond Road. This involved the construction of a pedestrian access stair into the site from Richmond Road. The works also included the installation of new kerbing, lighting and landscaping.


Variations: Additional scope as requested by the client.


Extensions of Time: Existing time was required to complete the additional scope as requested by the client.


Value added options: Being able to identify to the client design changes and optimisations i.e. reducing the requirement for a retaining wall, which provided a cost saving to the client.


Problem Solving: Being able to maintain after hour access to the carpark during the construction phase allowed the client to limit requirements for security at an unmanned gate. Careful logistic and planning was implemented to ensure that the site had a safe corridor for access.


Estimated Value: $1,100,000 & Construction Period: 16 weeks



Edward Street Streetscape, Norwood, City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters

Edward Streets lack of kerbing and drainage in the car parking bays caused a stormwater drainage issue, as well as parking not being utilised effectively. The project scope consisted of the reconstruction of parking bays and footpaths along Edward Street, Norwood. It included the removal and replacement of piped stormwater crossings and the laying of a spoondrain the length of the street. Levels were altered to match and reduce the cross falls in the roadway and parking bays, including the lift and relaying of existing block paved footpaths.


Variations: Additional scope and design changes requested by client.


Extensions of Time: Approximately 10 days due to approved variations and inclement weather.


Value added options: Traffic was maintained in both directions for the projects entirety, which in turn limited disruption to surrounding businesses. Careful staging of demolition and construction had to be implemented as the completed works limited the width of the road and resulted in a smaller workspace.


Problem Solving: In order to limit the disruption to the shopping centre carpark of Webbe Street, night works were established as being the most efficient way of completing the works. However, due to the shopping centre’s continuous opening hours a spoon drain was not possible to be poured in situ due to the concrete curing time. A precast spoon drain was designed in order to allow the spoondrain crossover and the intersection to be asphalted within the same night.


Estimated Value: $310,000 & Construction Period: 6 weeks



Linear Park, Shared Use Path Upgrade, City of West Torrens

Camco was engaged to construct a new shared use path link under Henley Beach Road. The existing path was too narrow and posed a risk to pedestrians potentially being hit by bicycles. The project scope includes some bulk earthworks, demolition of existing fencing and retaining wall, new boardwalk construction including concrete footings, structural steel, decking and balustrading, an upgrade to the public lighting, and some path widening with an overlay of existing asphalt.


Variations: Some additional works required to re-shape the rock batters       


Value added options: The addition of a geofabric layer in the bitumen suggested and accepted


Problem Solving: The demolition and earthworks under the bridge was a challenge due to the low overhead clearance, the use of mini excavator was used to overcome the access issue


Estimated Value: $325,000 & Construction Period: 8 weeks



Highbury Aqueduct Stage 4, Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources

This project constitutes the 4th stage of erosion remediation works in the former Highbury Aqueduct site. Significant erosion was occurring within one of the tributary drainage channels, requiring extensive earthworks and stabilisation to remediate and prevent further degradation. Following completion of the bulk earthworks and reshaping, approximately 600t of rock was imported and placed to construct “rock chutes”, a means of controlling the flow path and minimising the impacts of erosion. At completion of works, all disturbed surfaces were covered with either Jute Matting or hydroseed planting to enable vegetation to quickly rejuvenate and protect the banks.


Value added options: Having extensive experience working within National Parks and difficult access sites, our client had confidence Camco could undertake works with minimal supervision. The design concept was understood and conveyed to site staff, with engineering advice sought where required, producing a quality outcome for all involved.


Problem Solving: Working within a “live” stormwater catchment poses many project risks, with the most significant risk being flooding the worksite if a deluge occurred. By working efficiently, and continually checking weather forecasts, the works were completed without any delays or environmental risks. The catchment was also very dense with vegetation, some significant. Selecting the correct construction plant and skilled operators ensured unwanted damage did not occur.


Estimated Value: $125,000 & Construction Period: 2 weeks



Tiller Drive, Seaford Stormwater Remediation, City of Onkaparinga

Camco were engaged to upgrade the existing failed stormwater outlet pipe on the Seaford foreshore. The existing pipe was made from corrugated steel and had degraded to a point beyond repair. The project scope included the installation of a new Stormpro stormwater pipe pulled up inside the existing steel pipe, replacement of the existing junction box and patching of the concrete stormwater pipes upstream of the junction box. The void created between the new and old pipes needed to be filled with concrete on completion to prevent further collapse at a later date.


Variations: Additional works to investigate the existing stormwater system components and upgrading an access chamber for future maintenance.


Extensions of Time: A negotiated delayed start to avoid the peak summer period and high visitor usage of the staircase.


Value added options: The position of the pipe was underneath the existing timber staircase with all replacement works to the junction box being completed by hand. This was accomplished without any additional cost to the contract.


Problem Solving: The major hurdle of this project was to devise a way that the new pipe could be pulled up inside the existing pipe, without becoming stuck, snapping off ropes or dislodging pipe joints. By utilising a winch setup and cables, the new plastic pipe was successfully held together and dragged up the incline into position. The outlet being on the beach also meant that works had to be carefully staged to avoid the effects of the rising tides. The 750mm diameter plastic stormwater pipes were carried approx. 500m along the beach from the nearest vehicle access point.


Estimated Value: $95,000 & Construction Period: 2 weeks



Duncan Lane Reconstruction Lockleys, City of West Torrens

Camco were engaged to reconstruct Duncan Laneway at Lockleys. The Council needed to accommodate stormwater runoff to reduce local flooding risks while upgrading the road’s surface.


The project scope includes turning Duncan lane into a “detention tank” by boxing out the road to 700mm and installing a layer of 75mm aggregate, followed by the installation of permeable pavement, installation of a submersible pump station and a HDPE pumping main, directing the overflow to the street water table.


Variations: Some minor additional scope that was requested by council, including the re-grading of residents front lawn to create a level transition between lane and front garden.


Problem Solving: The site was a fairly confined space which added a few extra challenges; however it was Camco’s ‘outside the square’ thinking that allowed us to come up with a workable solution.



At the IPWEA 2016 Excellence Awards held on Friday 27th May, the City of West Torrens was presented with an excellence award for the Reconstruction of Duncan Laneway project at Lockleys.


This project won the ‘Design and/or construction of a public works project civil under $1 million’ category citing ‘a permeable approach to big challenges in small spaces’.


Estimated Value: $260,000 & Construction Period: 8 weeks 



Cardijn College Carpark Extension, Wallbridge & Gilbert

Camco were engaged to construct a new 4000m2 bitumen carpark at Cardijn College, Noarlunga. The site of the new carpark was over an existing fill zone, therefore the project scope included the removal and re-compaction of 1500m3 of in-situ material to level one standards. Once the material was placed, the new carpark pavement could be constructed. There was new stormwater drainage installed, including concrete kerbing to the underground pipework and into a gross pollutant trap to separate the solids. An extensive block retaining wall was also constructed along the eastern boundary to retain the natural vegetation. The carpark is also used out of school hours, requiring new lighting and security fencing to be constructed.


Variations: Additional works were required due to changes in the project scope.


Value added options: All works were completed whilst the school remained active, therefore careful consideration was required in regards to timing and staging of the works. Tasks involving heavy truck movements were completed outside of normal operational hours to avoid as much disruption as possible. Access was also restricted in order to not damage any of the existing infrastructure. The school security was also maintained throughout the construction period. All of these  were at no additional costs to the contract.


Problem Solving: The major component of this project was the removal and replacement of the fill. Careful consideration was given to how this would be managed so that as little double handling occurred as possible, thus reducing the need of supervision and testing throughout the earthworks phase.   

During the course of the project a decision was made to upgrade the designed double swing gates, to an automatic slide gate. Camco were able to assist in designing the slide gates, and installing infrastructure that could be retrofitted allowing automatic operation at a later stage. 


Estimated Value: $700,000 & Construction Period: 10 weeks



Hardys Road, Underdale Shared Use Pathway, City of West Torrens

Camco was engaged by council to construct a shared use path along the River Torrens between Hardys Road and Chattswood Grove, Underdale. The scope included bulk earthworks, pavement construction, retaining walls, kerbing and fencing.


Variations: Some additional scope required including barrier fencing and retaining wall


Value added options: The addition of a Tensar grid reinforcement system to the pavement was offered as an option and redesigning the path alignment to best fit the significant tree were value added options.


Problem Solving: Careful excavation near a large significant tree was completed with the aid of hydro excavation equipment all whilst under the supervision of an arborist.


Estimated Value: $300,000 & Construction Period: 6 weeks



North Road, Nairne, Stage 2B, District Council of Mount Barker

Camco were engaged to construct two raised traffic calming devices, in separate locations on North Road, Nairne. The project scope includes demolition of the existing pavement, construction of new concrete kerbing, preparation and placement of pavement layers, construction of bitumen wearing course with Streetprint stamped finish, minor drainage, linemarking and upgraded lighting. The worksite is within an existing residential street, with a high volume of traffic movements.


Variations: Additional works to improve design of finished surfaces as project progressed.


Value added options: Having completed the previous stage of works last financial year, Camco had excellent knowledge of the site conditions and in particular vehicular and pedestrian movements. The construction site(s) are along a high traffic volume route including regular bus activity. By working outside of normal hours, we were able to complete the works on time, and at no additional cost to the contract.


Problem Solving: Previous works had highlighted a deficiency in the design regarding the finished surface materials within the traffic calming devices. Through negotiation with the client, the design was modified removing brick pavers and installing coloured, stamped, bitumen with no time impact on the project. The previously failed sections were also rectified in the same timeframe.


Estimated Value: $225,000 & Construction Period: 6 Weeks



South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service, Fire Main Upgrade, Spotless Services

The existing firemain infrastructure within the SAMFS headquarters in Adelaide was extremely fragile and had experienced numerous bursts over recent years. This project was to replace all underground pipework and connect into existing pipework, all whilst minimizing disruption to the site, and maintaining fire protection to the 6 storey Administration Building. This included the installation of new 150mm and 100mm mPVC pressure mains, double headed hydrants, booster assemblies, pressure testing, plus coordination and connection to the existing water supply network. All new pipework was hydraulically tested and passed before commissioned and put into service.


Variations: Additional works required due to unknown pipe network and tie in points


Value added options: The workzone being within the active fire station presents logistical challenges; access needs to be maintained for SAMFS appliances and personnel at all times. Working closely with the client, we developed a staging plan to minimise disruptions to the normal activities.


Problem Solving: There were no accurate records of existing pipework arrangements available due to the age of the infrastructure. We systematically isolated sections of existing fire network to allow new pipework to be installed and commissioned. Thus meaning at no point was the building left without fire protection should the need have arisen. A high level of communication was required with the site, due to the fact there are at least 4 shift changes throughout the week and all personnel needing an understanding of limits of works and access restrictions.


Estimated Value: $500,000 & Construction Period: 18 weeks



Bolivar Waste Water Trunk Bridge Repairs, SA Water

During a recent condition survey, the access bridge at Globe Derby Drive, Bolivar was deemed unsatisfactory and required structural repairs. Camco were engaged by SA Water to design and construct the required repair work. The final scope included HAZOP, safety in design analysis, detailed structural design of concrete repair work, including specification of appropriate materials and application rates. The construction methodology involved the installation of a fall protection barrier, removal of the damaged handrailing, repair of the concrete beam, installation of new handrailing, and finally removal of the temporary fall protection barrier.


Value added options: The value add on this project was the fact it was a design and construct contract. As the head contractor, Camco had control over the method of installation and were able to produce a satisfactory design around this. Having experienced structural engineers in our team, this improved efficiency in design which in turn produced a smooth construction phase, and a quality outcome for the client.


Problem Solving: Our biggest hurdle on this project was to remove the existing handrail whilst maintaining a safe working area (with fall protection along the edge of the bridge). The drop to the water below was greater than 2m, and the edge of the bridge also carried a number of existing service conduits which could not be altered or removed. Working in conjunction with a scaffolding company, we were able to install a temporary scaffold rail which kept the workers, and public users, safe at all times.


Estimated Value: $120,000 & Construction Period: 4 weeks



Various Railway Tactiles, Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure 

Camco was engaged to carry out an upgrade to tactile ground surface indicators at various railway platforms. The platforms at Noarlunga, and Christies Downs Stations are constructed with concrete. The project scope at these locations is to retro fit tactiles that are produced from the unique combination of cork granules and rubber, the tactiles are installed 600 mm from the platform edge using an epoxy adhesive, this is followed by re-installing the “wait behind” linemarking. This work is carried out on a live rail, with the use of pedestrian management, track protection officers and the careful management of the rolling stock via PTS network operations.


The scope at Pinera, Glenalta, Emerson, Hove and Clarence Park stations includes the removal of existing rubber tactile indicators that have become worn and created trip hazards, the work involves excavation and removal of the rubber tactiles, bitumen and rubble from the platform, preparation of the base and the installation of new concrete tactile indicators followed by the matching in to the existing platform with new bitumen and re-installing the “wait behind” linemarking, the challenge here is the work needs to be conducted in a live rail environment but also under the live electrical infrastructure a carefully formulated safe works methodology was critical.  


Estimated Value: $750,000 & Construction Period: 10 weeks



Macclesfield Skate Park, District Council of Mount Barker           

Construction of a new skate park in Davenport Reserve Macclesfield. The project scope includes site preparation, placement of 500m3 of imported fill to level one compaction, drainage construction, in-situ concrete skate ramp, retaining walls, irrigation, instant turf and fencing.


Estimated Value: $195,000 & Construction Period: 6 weeks



Adelaide Botanic Gardens Bamboo Walk Path Reconstruction, Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources

Camco were engaged to carry out the reconstruction of the Bamboo Walk walking trail located in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. The scope of the project included demolition of the existing kerbing and bitumen, excavation to design subgrade level, granular pavement construction and new concrete edge beam.


Estimated Value: $140,000 & Construction Period: 4 weeks




Port Wakefield Road Slip Lane, Peregrine Corporation

One of Adelaide’s largest petrol stations is being built at the corner of Port Wakefield Road and Hodgson Road with Camco being contracted to construct a slip lane into the new On The Run.


The project scope includes demolition of the existing kerbs and pavements, excavation to subgrade level, culvert, headwall, swale construction, new deeplift bitumen pavement and new lighting.


Estimated Value: $750,000 & Construction Period: 6 weeks



Linden Park Primary School Replacement Transportables, Spotless Services

Camco was engaged to install two new transportable classrooms at the Linden Park Primary School. The project scope included demolition of the existing transportable class-room, tree removal, site clearing, isolation of existing services, bulk earthworks to new bench levels, concrete footing construction, 1st and 2nd fix services – electrical, hydraulic, mechanical and communications – concrete retaining walls, access ramps and stairs, covered deck construction and perimeter landscapes – paving and garden, the demolition and preparation works were carried out during the school term allowing the transportable buildings to be delivered during the school holiday break. The careful management of pedestrian traffic was crucial for the safety of the 2000 students that attend the school. The access to the site was particularly difficult due to the need to travel across the school’s oval during winter, so a rubble road was constructed to allow the delivery trucks access. This rubble road was removed on completion and the oval reinstated with new roll out turf.


Estimated Value: $500,000 & Construction Period: 12 weeks



Walpole Road, Salisbury Road Upgrade, City of Salisbury

Reconstruction of the existing Walpole Road alignment. The project scope includes demolition of the existing bitumen pavement, earthworks, stormwater drainage (1050mm RCP), water and sewer installation, electrical and public lighting, granular pavement construction, concrete kerbing, linemarking and a roundabout reconstruction.


Estimated Value: $1,700,000 & Construction Period: 14 weeks



The Reserve, Diment Road, Salisbury North Stage 1 & 2, City of Salisbury

Construction of a 70 allotment urban renewal land division within the Diment Road “reserve”. The project scope of works included bulk earthworks, level one allotment filling, sewer and water construction, stormwater drainage including detention basins and swale drains, common service trenching, kerbing, granular pavement construction and footpaths. The project also required a high level of interfacing with the landscaping contractor onsite constructing the reserve basins and streetscapes.


Estimated Value: $3,500,000 & Construction Period: 26 weeks



Verdun Water Main Upgrade, SA Water

The completion of a partially constructed water main upgrade on Onkaparinga Valley Road, Verdun. The project scope included the installation of 280m of 375mm mPVC main, pressure testing of over 3km of new main and five links ins to existing mains.


Variations: Additional scope was required to determine the extent of the previous works, and rectification where required. Design changes were also necessary due to the pipework configuration found during pot holing.


Problem Solving: The first task on this project was to investigate what was actually completed as part of the previous works as the “As Constructed” information was very limited. During this investigation, it was determined that additional works and materials would be required. Camco acted promptly to ensure the schedule was maintained and all work completed to highest quality standards.


Estimated Value: $400,000 & Construction Period: 6 weeks



Millswood Railway Platform Upgrade, Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure - Public Transport Services

The design and construction of an 80m long section of the Millswood Railway Platform. The project includes installation of screw piles, concrete support beams, suspended platform slab, lighting, shelter and fencing. This section will be considered a prototype for future platform renewals should it be successful.


Value added options: The project was carried out in a live rail corridor and the need for night works was kept to a minimum with the use of skilled track protectors and construction methodologies ensuring that at no time could the track be fouled.


Problem Solving: With the project needing to be carried out in a live rail corridor it was suggested that the use of a steel edge beam be welded into the reinforcing, allowing the train to pass with no part of any bracing having the potential of fouling the track.


Estimated Value: $490,000 & Construction Period: 6 weeks




Druids Avenue Intersection Upgrade, Mount Barker, District Council of Mount Barker

The intersection of Druids Avenue and Cameron Road is a major thoroughfare for vehicles frequenting the Mount Barker Caravan Park, Cornerstone College and Dunn Oval. It also serves as the transport route for large commercial vehicles within the trading precinct with an estimated 6000 vehicles travelling through the intersection per day. The project required the existing pavement to be excavated, reconstructed with deeplift pavement and construction of a new roundabout annulus all whilst maintaining access for the traffic movements described above. By careful planning and negotiation with Council on traffic management plans, night works and some design modifications, the project was constructed with minimal impacts.


Estimated Value: $300,000 & Construction Period: 6 weeks


Lonsdale Railway Station DDA Access Upgrade, Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure

The Lonsdale Railway Station has undergone an access upgrade as part of the rail revitalisation project. The construction of two new DDA compliant ramps is the last piece if infrastructure requiring upgrading on the site. Currently the two ramps that are used by commuters to access the platform from the upper carpark levels are not complaint with current DDA legislation. The scope of this project includes the removal of the existing access ramp, site shaping and preparation, construction of over 250m of new concrete DDA compliant ramps with handrails and installation of a drainage network to accommodate the new site levels.


Value added options:  Camco were familiar with the site conditions due to carrying out a previous stair upgrade at the railway station.


Problem Solving: Constructing the new ramps whilst maintaining access to the active platforms and not blocking the vehicle/bus route.


Estimated Value: $750,000 & Construction Period: 10 weeks



Wombat Crossings and Lighting, St Peter's College

St Peter’s College required an upgrade to the drop off / pick up car parking, along with new wombat crossings, a roundabout, modified pedestrian crossings and pram ramps. The project scope included the installation of permeable paving bedded on “ecocell” filled with 40mm granulated rock, creating a clever stormwater detention system to help control peak rainfall runoff. The works also included the installation of new kerbing; stormwater drainage, pram ramps, traffic signage and upgraded lighting.


Estimated Value: $275,000 & Construction Period: 4 weeks


Camco were engaged for a second project at St Peter's College as they required a road safety upgrade including the construction of 3 new wombat crossings (concrete, bitumen and linemarking) together with new lighting and the conversion of a hard play area into a staff carpark freeing up parking for the congested junior school carpark.


The works also included the modification of the Hackney Road carpark including road widening, pram ramps, installation of new kerbing and linemarking to facilitate the calming of traffic to allow for safe school bus access.


Estimated Value: $375,000 & Construction Period: 6 weeks




Brukunga Creek Diversion Stage 2,

Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure

The historic Brukunga Pyrite Mine site is located about 4 km north of Nairne in the Adelaide Hills and is managed by the Department of Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DMITRE). No mining activities have occurred at the site for 30 years. Pyrite minerals that are randomly distributed across the site oxidise to produce acid-water pollution which collects in Dawesley Creek and runs through the mine site. DMITRE operates a lime treatment plant at Brukunga to reduce the levels of pollution leaving the site in the creek. The proposed extension to the existing creek diversion is part of an ongoing program of rehabilitation of the disused mine site. A previous rehabilitation initiative included the construction of a pipeline and open channel diversion to allow low flows in Dawesley Creek to by-pass the mine site. The diversion however does not isolate all of the contaminated mine site and an extension of the diversion is to be constructed to by-pass the entire mine site.

The scope of work incorporated the drilling, blasting, excavation and installation of 240m of 1350mm Plastream SRP pipe to create the diversion drain.  The drain will carry “clean” treated water through the site and allow it to pass on downstream. An in-situ concrete weir will be constructed on the mine boundary to capture “acidic” water, bypass it into a collection sump and pump it back up to the treatment plant for nuetralisation via a newly constructed pumping main.


Estimated Value: $1,200,000 & Construction Period: 10 weeks



Greentree Walk Estate Paralowie, City of Salisbury

Construction of a 62 lot greenfield land division on Kings Road, Paralowie. The project scope included site clearing, bulk earthwork to engineered fill standard, construction of a stormwater drainage system, new sewer and water main constructions, excavation and backfilling works, construction of new granular pavement, concrete kerbing and common service installation, landscaping and site cleanup.


Value added options:  The project was redefined into 3 stages as a consequence of the redesign scope. We were able to keep the same supervisor on site maintaining reasonable continuity over a long period of time.


Problem Solving: The creating of a 3 stage project from a single stage design meant that we were forced to work around previously installed “live” services thus redefining the project from a “greenfield’ to brownfield” land division. We were able to utilise previous urban renewal brownfields experience and deliver the project.


Estimated Value: $4,000,000 & Construction Period: 22 weeks




Laratinga Trail from Mt Barker Creek to Alexandrina Road, District Council of Mount Barker

Camco SA were engaged by the District Council of Mount Barker to construct the next stage of the Laratinga Trail from Mount Barker Creek to Alexandrina Road, running adjacent to the steam ranger railway. The work consisted of constructing a 3m wide shared use path, mostly surfaced with bitumate, but also some asphalt surfacing. Bitumate is a recycled pavement material, and is an alternative to traditional quarry materials. Works also incorporated installing a 20m long free spanning bridge across Mount Barker Creek, which connects the new works to the existing sealed Laratinga Trail. The bridge is a structural steel superstructure, and a reinforced concrete bondeck slab.


Value added options: Redesigning the electrical installation to accommodate Council's request for certain energy tariff's together with working corroboratively with local council monitoring to ensure no disturbance to Aboriginal Heritage if encountered during excavation or bridge footings.


Project Problem Solving: Maintaining pedestrian traffic from the local school, and nearby heavily used Laratinga Trail with minimal disruptions.


Estimated Value: $590,000 & Construction Period: 12 weeks



Adelaide Botanic Gardens 90ft Road Reconstructions, Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources

Reconstruction of an internal roadway within with grounds of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. The scope of work included demolition of the existing pavement, replacement of kerbing, construction of new pavement, laying of new bitumen and minor modification to the existing stormwater infrastructure.


Value added options: Minor design changes to accommodate existing surface levels and interfaces, whilst maintaining the overall intent of the project brief.


Problem Solving: Negotiating nominated work zones to minimise impacts to the day to day operations of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens with significant care being taken with the excavation works as not to disrupt or damage the surrounding vegetation.


Estimated Value: $145,000 & Construction Period: 4 weeks



Druids Avenue, Mount Barker Pavement, Pipeline & Civil Ancillary Works, District Council of Mount Barker

Druids Avenue is a collector road defining the northern edge of the CBD of the Mount Barker township. Being adjacent the CBD, consideration was given to access for PTB buses, shop delivery vehicles including semi-trailers, school traffic and pedestrian movements in direct proximity of the work site. The project comprised 5 major components spread along the length of Druids Avenue, between Adelaide Road and Cameron Road. These components were:

  • Road widening and construction of a pedestrian refuge island at the intersection of Walker Street.
  • Diverting an existing 100mm CWMS pipeline along Druids Ave and Stephens Street, removing it from under adjacent buildings.
  • Providing a new bitumen wearing course to the roadway between Adelaide Road and Hutchinson Street, including profiling and replacing sections of failed pavement.
  • Construction of a new Wombat Crossing just East of the Hutchinson Street intersection.
  • Providing a temporary roundabout at the Cameron Road intersection


These construction works were staged and night works were undertaken where required to allow minimum disruption to normal traffic conditions.


Estimated Value: $650,000 & Construction Period: 10 weeks




Norma Street, Mile End Road Reconstruction, City of West Torrens

Reconstruction of road pavement including demolition of existing pavement surface, placement of new pavement materials, placement of new deeplift bitumen, reconstruction of median island, placements of wearing course and new linemarking.


Value added options: Ability to mobilise works at short notice with zero impact on quality of work.


Problem Solving: Daily management of residential traffic including scheduling of deeplift bitumen works.


Negotiation on Council's behalf in relation to the relocation of shallow water and gas services with zero impact on the project completion time.

Estimated Value: $325,000 & Construction period: 3 weeks



Payneham Road, St Peters Drainage Upgrade, City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters

Camco were engaged by the City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters to supply and install new stormwater infrastructure within existing Council and departmental roads. The works included reinforced concrete pipe up to 1500mm diameter and reinforced concrete boxed culverts up to 2100mm.


Problem Solving: In order to accommodate the heavy traffic flows along the major arterial Payneham road, night and weekend work were carried out.


Estimated Value: $2,100,000 & Construction Period: 18 weeks




Meadows Rising Main Installation, District Council of Mount Barker

The construction of 1500m of 150mm oPVC rising main through existing suburban streets to redistribute treated effluent from the newly constructed Meadows waste water treatment plant to properties for use in garden watering. The scope also included the supply and installation of isolation valves, air valves and a directionally bored section under an existing concrete box culvert.


Value added options: Camco’s extensive experience in pipeline construction resulted in a trouble free project, delivered to the highest of expectations.


Problem Solving: The boring pipework was conducted under the creek to avoid groundwater issues.


Estimated Value: $325,000 & Construction Period: 6 weeks



Ridge Park ASR & Earthworks, City of Unley

The City of Unley and the Federal Government jointly funded this stormwater harvesting scheme which involves the extraction and treatment of water from Glen Osmond Creek, Myrtle Bank for reuse in the City of Unley's parks and gardens.


The project consisted of the construction of a creek water extraction system whereby a biofiltration pond utilises special sand filters and plants to cleanse the water. The water is then passed through finer mechanical filters via pumps before being injected underground into the aquifer via 2 bores under strict EPA guidelines. It also includes the construction of 3 ornamental ponds with recirculating pumps to ensure continuous water flow through the ponds in the summer months.


Challenges faced along the way included the construction of the entire system around protected significant trees and an automated pond recirculation and top up system to ensure that water flows through the Ridge Park ponds at all times throughout the year.


The Ridge Park MAR has been designed to harvest and distribute some 60 mega litres of water per year both in Ridge Park itself and to downstream parks by an underground water supply pipe. Camco has worked closely with our subcontractor Pump Tech in delivery the project to ensure the design parameters were met and in some cases, exceeded council expectations.


Estimated Value: $1,100,000 & Construction Period: 18 weeks




Heywood Park ASR & Earthworks, City of Unley

The City of Unley and the Federal Government jointly funded this stormwater harvesting scheme which involves the extraction and treatment of water from Brownhill Creek, Unley Park for re-use in The City of Unley’s parks and gardens.


The Heywood Park filtration uses the same principle as Ridge park, however it incorporates a fully mechanical filtration system as opposed to biofiltration.


Camco were engaged to design and construct this project under very tight timeframes. It includes the design and modifications to an existing ablution block to accommodate the filtration system and pumps. As Heywood Park lies within one of the most prestige suburbs in Adelaide, the system was designed to minimise the visual impact on the park, ensuring all bore head assemblies and tanks lay underground out of sight. Due to it being a tree sensitive park, all pipework has been designed using underground boring techniques to minimise any impact to trees.

Variations: The project required additional scope including the refurbishment of the existing toilet block and provision for the future large scale dam.


Value added options: The project was design and construct – we successfully “melded” both of these project components to meet the clients requirements within a very tight timeframe and to a high quality specification.


Problem Solving: The challenges faced on this project of working in a highly used urban space, within a tight footprint bounded by residential houses, roadways and significant trees were overcome by good design management, carefully planned construction and a well organized site team.


Estimated Value: $1,200,000 & Construction Period: 12 weeks



Kings Road Roundabout Construction, Paralowie, City of Salisbury

Kings Road and Whites Road are both main collector roads within the City of Salisbury and are highly trafficked, catering for over 2000 vehicles per day. Whilst Whites Road is a council owned road, Kings Road comes under the control of the Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure (DPTI).


Due to the new construction of nearby Green Tree Walk Estate Land Division (another Camco project) it was decided that an upgrade to the existing intersection was required to facilitate the new road into the estate by introducing a roundabout to help with the many movements of traffic through the intersection.


Camco's recent upgrade in prequalification with DPTI from R1 to R2 meant that we were able to tender and subsequently awarded the construction of a new roundabout at the intersection. The construction involves drainage, service relocations, excavation, pavements, kerbing, asphalt laid up to 300mm thick and public lighting installation.


The Camco team has been faced with the difficult challenge of continuous flow of traffic past the site during construction, as well as public transport bus movements within the staged work area. The traffic management required close liaison with DPTI, Passenger Transport Services, including bus detours and management, The City of Salisbury and nearby residents and shops. Camco has demonstrated a high level of technical and practical ability on the project and places us in good stead for future work with both DPTI and The City of Salisbury.


Estimated Value: $621,000 & Construction Period: 16 weeks


Adelaide Shores, West Beach, Cowandilla Outfall Drain, City of West Torrens

The drainage system for the Cowandilla-Mile End area discharges into a concrete drain downstream of Airport Road. The concrete drain traverses the northern and western perimeters of the Adelaide Airport, crosses under Tapleys Hills Road and then heads south west to West Beach Road. The concrete drain ends at West Beach Road and discharges into the Remnant Patawalonga Creek, then via an open drain through the two West Beach Trust golf courses to the Barcoo outlet. At the Barcoo outlet, discharge occurs to the sea via the secondary outlet duct or via the Parawalonga Lake. To cater for future development within the catchment and to accommodate recent developments in the downstream section of the outfall system the outfall drain is being upgraded. The works downstream of West Beach Road are required to provide a revised drainage system for West Beach which is independent of the Cowandilla-Mile End outfall drain. These woks consist of redirected outlets and a detention basin with pump station.


As a whole, the project has significant Environmental considerations due to the location of the works in relation to the existing ecosystem. Camco, working in conjunction with FMG Engineering, and the relevant stakeholders are working to minimise any environmental impacts, and provide our client with a project that meets the design brief.


Early works were completed from December 2012 to February 2013 included approximately 300m of 1500mm RCP, across Barrett Reserve which is part of the Adelaide Shores sporting complex. This work was programmed in conjunction with Adelaide Shores to minimise disruption to their normal activities. The outlet channel and drains are currently under construction and due for completing by the end of April. Following this the detention basin and pump station will be constructed, with the project due to be completed by August 2013.


Estimated Value: $4,500,000 & Construction Period: 26 weeks



Adelaide Airport Watermain Coating Repair, All Water

An upgrade to the existing corrosion protection coating on the water truck main under the main runway at Adelaide Airport. The project scope included removal and disposal of the damaged pipe coating and the repair and reinstatement of coating in accordance with TS29. All works required a high level of confined space compliance and were completed at night due to the “airside” location of the works.


Value added options: Full compliance to SA Water standards


Problem Solving: During the removal process, the existing coating was very stiff due to the low night time temperatures in winter. By applying heat, we were able to speed up the process.


Estimated Value: $100,000 & Construction Period: 4 weeks




Kangaroo Island Road Resealing Works, Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources

The stage one resealing works included edge breakout base repairs, pothole remediation, and two coat overlay to approximately 40,000m2 of existing access roads around Flinders Chase and Seal Bay. Both sites required a high level of stakeholder interfacing, in particular tour operators, to ensure that delays were minimised whilst providing a safe work zone.

Value added options: Edge break repairs were completed using a “jet patching” method which enabled a faster, more economical solution.


Project Problem Solving: Traffic management – pre-commencement discussions were held with all key stakeholders to review the management of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Camco site managers were introduced to tour operators and 2-way radios were employed to ensure approaching buses notified site crews. This ensured there were little or no delays to the tour operators time schedule.  Careful stage planning and programming of high risk activities were also scheduled for non-peak periods to keep the flow of traffic moving smoothly.  This produced an excellent outcome for the park operators.

Working hours – the late commencement of works placed tight timeframes on the completion of works prior to the onset of wet weather. Weekends were utilised to accelerate the program and ensure works were completed ahead of schedule. This decision was made after consultation with key stakeholders and was at nil cost.


Estimated Value: $500,000 & Construction Period: 3 weeks



Ascot Park Railway Shelter, Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure/Public Transport Services

As part of the South Australian Government’s rail revitalisation of the Seaford line, Camco was engaged by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure to contribute to the upgrading of several railway stations along this line. At Ascot Park Railway Station, we carried out a design and construct project to provide a new passenger shelter structure. Limited information was available on the existing platform structure which resulted in the need for some innovation on the new footing system for the proposed shelter.


Value added options: The use of a steel beam footing design incorporating the existing suspended platform steel structure, enabled the project to be delivered in a timely manner.


Problem Solving: The project faced the same challenges – extremely tight construction periods to ensure the line could be re-opened on schedule, high quality construction standard to ensure public safety and product durability needs were met, and design changes during the construction period to adapt the concept design to match actual site conditions. Again, through the hard work and excellent communication between the entire project team we were able to meet these challenges head on and succeed.


Estimated Value: $250,000 & Construction Period: 4 weeks

                        Ascot Park Railway Station 'Before'                                                                                                       Ascot Park Railway Station 'After'


Evanston Gardens Trunk Sewer & Stormwater, Devine Homes/Wallbridge & Gilbert

The project involved the construction of the major headworks for the newly developed Evanston Gardens land division which will house 1500 homes of the next 10 years. The scope included the installation of 1200m of 450mm sewer trunk main and associated access chambers up to a depth of 5m. The construction of a stormwater detention basin and installation of 900m of 1500mm RCP stormwater drainage adjacent to the new sewer main was also part of the scope.

Value added options: The project included both deep sewer and deep stormwater – we were able to apply sufficient experienced resources to run both “projects” concurrently without incident.


Problem Solving: Both the sewer and the stormwater ran parallel for the most part of the construction period. Through careful planning and resource management, we were able to complete the project in a timely manner, running both crews simultaneously.


Estimated Value: $2,100,000 & Construction Period: 11 weeks



On The Run slip lane and bridge, Peregrine & Romaldi

The work involved the construction of a 200m long dual lane slip lane and part precast/in-situ concrete bridge spanning 10m for the new On The Run service station entrance off Port River Expressway at Dry Creek.


Bridge work: Technical aspects involved the management of the design of the bridge which included driven reinforced concrete piles with steel tube casings, in-situ concrete abutments and precast decking. The short timeframe of completing the design and the subsequent construction of the bridge was challenging due to the critical date of opening the service station. Camco showed a high level of innovation and professionalism by combining both precast and in-situ construction techniques to complete the project on time and within the client's budget.


Pavement work: The technical aspect was the high level of QA required in line with strict Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) specifications which Camco excelled in the final outcome. There was also a high level of traffic management required with the work. Camco worked closely with DPTI to ensure the safety of both or own teams on site, and the adjacent motorists during the construction period.



Craigmore High School Fire Main Upgrade, Spotless Services

The project scope involved the replacement of an existing 150mm AC fire ring main with 900m of new 150mm MPVC main and associated pipe work connected to mains supply, and two fire water storage tanks, flowing to a 150mm underground hydrant service extending to nine hydrant upstands located throughout the high school, also including associated concrete slabs, retaining wall and fencing.


The adjacent photo shows the suction booster valves being commissioned.


Estimated Value: $395,000 & Construction Period: 16 weeks



Woodville West Urban Renewal Stage 1 (40 Allotments), Tagara Builders 

The redevelopment of former SA Housing Trust properties through what is known as the urban renewal process has been expanding across many parts of suburban Adelaide. This project represents the first stage of the Woodville West Redevelopment and also was the first project of this type where the Urban Renewal Authority constructed multi-storey, high density dwellings. Our role in this was the specialist civil contractor, responsible for bulk earthworks, level one allotment filling, retaining walls, fencing, construction of new roadways and upgrading of existing underground infrastructure – drainage, concrete kerb replacement, sewer, water and underground utility services in existing roads. This project presented many challenges for the project team, most notably the coordination of the civil construction works whilst building construction was being undertaken. Through careful planning, fluidity of approach and open lines of project team communication we were able to deliver the project successfully. 
An additional specialised stormwater treatment device was also constructed – a 500m3 “Stormpro” stormwater detention tank and associated site works.  This $750,000 retention tank system is a Humes innovation and the construction period was less than a month from start to finish. 

Before and after shots

photos taken 03/01/2011 & 06/07/2012



Cowandilla Stormwater Drainage - Stage 10, City of West Torrens

The 10th stage of the Mile End-Cowandilla Drainage Scheme for the City of West Torrens was an extension to the upstream end of the stage 9 works we completed early in 2011. 

This project extended the works east toward the city and west toward Henley Beach Road. The scope involved the installation of approx 1200m of reinforced concrete stormwater pipe up to 1350mm diameter and associated precast concrete pits. The pipe alignment was located within existing suburban streets, and the trench depth varied up to 2.8m deep.


Through the experience gained on the previous stage, we were able to “fine tune” the pipelaying process, maximising the truck movements to and from site.  This meant that production was kept in line with the forecast program and the project was able to be delivered in line with the contract deadline. 


We also utilised the skills gained previously in the construction of the stormwater drainage pods or rain gardens.  The construction of these gardens was in stark contrast to the traditional side entry pit construction and utilised specialised drainage soils, geotextiles and agricultural pipes to “in-situ treat” the stormwater runoff prior to it entering the main drainage system.  The success of these pod installations was evident in the nomination and subsequent “special mention” in the Water Sensitive Urban Design awards recently held in Adelaide.


Another area we were able to bring knowledge gained from other projects was on the two stormwater runs across South Road included in this project.  Through an innovative design change we were able to employ “pipe jacking” to avoid the need to close South Road for trenching. This process also eliminated the risk associated with damage to an existing 100 year old sewer trunk main and therefore contributed great “value add” the project outcomes.

Estimated Value: $2,300,000 & Construction Period: 26 weeks



Waterfall Creek Erosion Control Investigation, City of Marion

The outlet end of Waterfall Creek at Hallet Cove traverses through a Waterfall Creek Conservation Park and eventually discharges to sea. The park contains many species of native flora and fauna, some of which is under threat from the erosion of the creek banks itself. This project required the construction of three rock lined energy dissipation structures specifically design to reduce the risk of future bank destabilisation and erosion of the creek alignment. 


The scope included the shaping, filling and placement of in excess of 2000 tonnes of large diameter rock on a geotextile base. Several areas were also required to be concrete grouted to ensure the flowing water would not undermine the rock chute from the upstream end. The key component to the successful outcome of this project was to construct the rock structures in such a way as to minimise the risk of damage to the native habitat whilst moving such large volumes of material around the site. This was achieved through a collaborative approach with the City of Marion, DENR and the local friends group who provided the revegetation works). Once established, we hope to submit a feature article in the local community paper detailing the success of this process and the potential use of a similar process in other flood affected areas.



University SA, Mawson Lakes Forecourt Upgrade, University of South Australia
The redevelopment of Building A forecourt to achieve access compliance incorporated the demolition of the existing pavements, construction of new concrete retaining walls, concrete seats and tables, drainage, irrigation, electrical and lighting, landscaping and pavements.

Value added options: The project required the construction of pre-cast concrete retaining walls and furniture however the angular design and requirement to match existing levels made the pre-cast panels unsuitable in the instance.  We redesigned the walls as in-situ concrete walls and had specialist steel formwork moulds made to suit.

Project Problem Solving: The works were to be constructed during the winter of 2010 and the tight construction period combined with the close proximity to a heavily populated University campus required the site to be protected from inclement weather.  To overcome this issue, the site was excavated in small zones and cover with compacted rubble daily.

Estimated Value: $325,000 & Construction Period: 5 weeks



University SA, Mawson Lakes Forecourt Upgrade, Stage 2, University of South Australia

This is the second stage of the Uni SA Mawson Lakes forecourt upgrade which links the completed southern forecourt to the western and northern precincts. The project comprised of curved concrete upstand walls with exposed aggregate finish to match the southern forecourt seating, custom built outdoor furniture constructed from composite recycled plastics, feature paving bands, detailed landscaping and feature flood lighting. The three completed sides of the main university building provide an attractive entry to the Mawson Lakes campus and a functional space to learn.


Estimated Value: $580,000 & Construction Period: 10 weeks




Waterfall Gully Trail Upgrade Stage 2, Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources
Upgrade of Waterfall Gully to Mt Lofty walking trail including resurfacing with bitumix concrete, stone stairs & seating, drainage, fencing and balustrade, vegetation removal & management, all whilst maintaining the trail open to the public at all times.


Value added options: Redesigning part sections of the trail and installing passive drainage for stormwater management at no additional cost to the client.

Project Problem Solving:

  • Redesign of a stone staircase to better suit site conditions, at no additional cost to client.
  • Design & construction of a rusticated steel staircase to improve public safety at a major road crossing.
  • Maintaining pedestrian access to the entire length of the trail whilst excavating, reconstructing, and surface sealing of the 1.2m wide trail. In some instances this involved installing temporary scaffolding staircases so that the workzone could remain uninterrupted by the public.
  • Structuring the program to facilitate working within a Conservation Park during the extreme temperatures of summer, and also the wet winter experienced in 2011.
  • Hand batching approx 60m3 of charcoal oxide concrete onsite as there was no feasible way of delivering premixed concrete, with zero environmental incidents. Concrete was QA tested against premixed concrete and successfully passed.

Estimated Value: $640,000 & Construction Period: 40 weeks




Garden of Health, Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources
Construction of a “medicinal garden” including granite/sandstone paving, water fountains, rusticated steel retaining walls, concrete block retaining wall, bulk earthworks, irrigation electrical & bitumen paving.  This work incorporates the new “Western Entrance” and associated Adelaide City Council wetland.

Value added options: The selection, recommendation & replacement of materials to meet the clients budget constraints, with little variation to the contract sum together with the engagement of specialist subcontractors to complete exceptionally high standard of work, on time and within budget.

Project Problem Solving: There were numerous architectural elements within this project that were design and construct by the contractor. This process involved submission of shop drawings, several reviews, workshop inspections, and site inspections upon installation.

The Lead Architect and Engineering Consultants were based interstate. This meant a high level of trust was required between the Construction team, to deliver a product exceeding the client’s expectations.


There were select subcontractors engaged direct by the client that needed to work in close with Camco. This was achieved by clear and open communication, and flexibility with scheduling.


The project was completed with zero Safety or Environmental Incidents within a high profile site, being the Botanical Gardens, with extreme consequences for Environmental damage.

Estimated value: $1,655,000 & Construction Period: 40 weeks




Plane Tree Drive Upgrade Stage 3, Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources
Construction of new roadway including demolition of existing, earthworks, storm water drainage, concrete kerb, pavement construction, bitumen, linemarking and lighting.

Value added options: Redesign of service trenching to avoid clashing with the historical Plane Trees along the road way, removing any Environmental hazards together with structuring the program to suit client requirements regarding critical opening dates and numerous festivals that are held in Botanic Park, at no additional cost to the client.

Project Problem Solving: This project was to be completed whilst maintaining traffic flow, on the main entrance to Adelaide Zoo, after the opening of the new Panda Exhibit. Traffic was extremely busy, and consequently some night works were undertaken to avoid contract delays, at no additional cost to the client.

Achieving the high aesthetic standard expected from the client by closely managing the construction team, continual checking of subcontractors work, regular site meetings with the client and lead consultant.

Estimated Value: $2,150,000 & Construction Period: 30 weeks

1 1


Gawler Urban Rivers Shared Pathways Stage 1 and  2A, Town of Gawler

Construction of approximately 8.5km of 3m wide sealed shared use pathways through various sections of Evanston, Hewitt and Gawler. The project included site excavation, shaping, drainage structures, base preparation, bitumen sealing, linemarking, signage and concrete works. The path was also required to cross the Gawler River in 4 locations.  In order to facilitate this we designed and constructed 4no. 30m clear span steel truss bridges with composite decking and concrete abutments. The end results produced an aesthetically pleasing structure that could withstand the river in full flood. The location of the works adjacent the Gawler River and through various highly trafficked public spaces required in depth community consultation and traffic management.

Value added options: The bridges were unable to be constructed as designed due to the need for a central pier support in the Gawler River. We redesigned the bridges to be single span which enabled the construction to proceed within a shorter time frame at a 30% cost discount.

Project Problem Solving: The close proximity of the path to the Gawler River required careful consideration to the drainage requirements and the structural adequacy of the pathway pavement.   

Estimated Value: $2,700,000 & Construction Period: 28 weeks




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