Facilities, Building & Maintenance Services (FBMS)



Erosion Control: Stormwater run-off can be very destructive even from very small flows if it is not controlled correctly. Camco can construct solutions for all types of erosion remediation and prevention such as lime stabilisation, concrete headwall construction (in-situ and pre-cast), rock scour protection both on inverts and embankments, reno mattresses, jute matting, revegetation and regressing, bulk earthworks and minor reshaping of existing drainage lines. We have available a range of machinery that can access almost all areas and have even completed projects manually.

Stormwater Drainage: As a pre-fix to erosion control, Camco can also provide engineered drainage solutions for projects large and small. We have in-house skills in pipelaying (100mm diameter up to 2000mm diameter and reinforced concrete box culverts), drainage pit construction (in-situ and pre-cast), gross pollutant traps, oil separators, trade waste arrestors and flood valve installation. Projects can be very small or quite large and complex.



Various SEP Replacements, City of Unley

SEP Replacements - removal of existing SEP lids and replacing with a new concrete SEP lid and surround at various locations in Hyde Park and Unley Park.


Mt George Creek Crossing Upgrade, DEWNR

Removal of an existing fire access creek crossing in the Mt George Conservation Park and construction of a new compliant crossing. The project scope includes flow management of the active stream, demolition of the existing concrete crossing, construction of new in-situ concrete base, installation of precast culverts, headwall construction, backfilling and make good of the existing bank and road way.


Cobbler Creek, Taylor Bridge Crossing, DEWNR

Erosion remedial works on an existing bridge abutment in Cobbler Creek Conservation Park. The project scope includes the excavation, preparation and installation of gabion baskets including; embankment reinstatement with cement stabilised material.


Foundry Lane Stormwater Drainage Upgrade, City of Unley

The removal and replacement of an existing RCP, connection to the existing JB, and reinstate the existing spoondrain and bitumen.


Greenhill Lane Stormwater Drainage Upgrade, City of Unley

Saw cut existing & remove asphalt, supply and install new 600 gip, shape outlet in  bitumen, supply and lay box-drain reinstate existing asphalt.


Paradise Primary School Stormwater Remediation, Spotless Services

An upgrade to the existing stormwater drainage and overland flow management was required at the Paradise Primary School. The project scope included demolition of an existing retaining wall and construction of a new in-situ concrete retaining wall, swale drain and concrete culvert drainage construction, topsoiling and landscaping both hard and soft.


Heywood Park Remove Gatic Covers & Replace with Terrafirma, City of Unley

An upgrade of the existing chamber cover to improve WHS accessibility. The project scope includes the removal of an existing heavy duty gatic covers and replacing with new lighter terra firma covers.


Covered Walkway Adjacent the Norwood Town Hall, City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters

Drainage improvements to the covered walkway adjacent The Norwood Town Hall. The project scope includes lifting the existing paved footpath, jet-vac cleaning of the existing drainage pipework, installation of a street outlet drain, modification of existing drainage pit levels, regrading of the base course and relaying of the existing paving.


Plant Research Centre Site 1 & 2 Civil Remediation Works, DPTI – Facilities Services

Shotcrete stabilisation and stormwater drainage improvements. The project scope includes two parts: the preparation and placement of shotcrete to existing batters and the construction of a new lined swale drain for overland flow redirection.


Homer Road & Lorraine Avenue SEP Upgrade, City of Unley

Removal and replacement of 4x SEP’s. The project scope includes removal of existing single SEP’s, installation of new double SEP’s in their place and associated reinstatement works.


Heathcote Street Supply & Install Flood Gate, City of Unley

Installation of a new flood king non-return flap. The project scope includes the removal/modification of an existing headwall, installation of a flood king flood gate and reinstatement of the existing headwall.


Harris Reserve Flood Remedial Works, City of Burnside

Camco were engaged to complete the remediation works and erosion protection to an existing creek within Harris Reserve, Erindale. The project scope of work included the reshaping of the existing creek batters, placement of rock scour protection, new safety fencing, placement of living bags to promote revegetation and the realignment of an existing cement treated pathway.


Port Adelaide River Rock Revetment Wall Scour Repairs, DEWNR

The river rock wall at the eastern bank south of the Jervois Street bridge, Old Port Reach had started to deteriorate with some of the rock armour slumping which exposed the surrounding soil to erosion from heavy rain and extreme tidal movements. Camco were engaged to remove the saturated soil from the area, reinstate the batter with clay and reline it with a filter cloth and replace the existing rock.


Waterfall Gully Erosion Control Works and SEP Installations, City of Burnside

Erosion control works were required at Ocean View Crescent which included the removal of the drainage pit, supply and place a new SEP together with a concrete apron and plinth and construct a rip-rap spillway.


Magill Footbridge Erosion Remediation & Gabion Wall, University of South Australia

The Uni SA Magill Campus has a creek running through the grounds which required a gabion retaining wall to be constructed and the supply and placement of infill to prevent future erosion.


Cleland Wildlife Park – Gabions & Drainage, DEWNR

Reinstatement of an embankment slippage and “clearing” of a block open swale drainage on the main road into Cleland Wildlife Park. The project scope includes excavation, base preparation, installation of gabion baskets to stabilise the embankment, backfilling and reinstatement with cement stabilised sand.




Camco’s team of in-house qualified engineers can provide technical advice on existing building condition surveys, new projects and feasibility options with “market price” budgets. This advice can extend from a simple site inspection and discussion through to detailed reports and cost option feasibility reports.


Tea Tree Gully Tafe – Investigation and Rectification Works of the Atrium Roof and Steel Structure, Spotless Services

A comprehensive investigation was carried out by Camco to ascertain the condition of the steel and glass structure of the large-scale atrium roof located at Tea Tree Gully Tafe.


The report findings concluded that the aluminium glass beads needed to be adjusted, lifted capped and sealed, a cracked pane and the rubber window seals also needed replace-ment. Finally, the glass both internally and externally was cleaned.


This project had significant safety risks both for the site crew and the building occupants so extensive site management plans, crane lift plans and an in depth general construction methodology was put in place to ensure a safe project completion with the highest of quality standards could be achieved.


Adelaide Festival Centre Concrete Structures Condition Assessment, Adelaide Festival Centre

Each quarter, our FBMS team conduct both visual inspections and hammer testing to determine the condition of the various concrete structures located at the Adelaide Festival Centre. The findings are then provided to the client in a comprehensive inspection report.


Newland Head Conservation Park Access Stair Condition & Modification Assessment, DEWNR

A non-invasive and thorough site investigation was conducted of the access stair structure located at the Newland Head Conservation Park. The stair structure is being subjected to ongoing coastal erosion which has resulted in the structural integrity being compromised. The findings were reported to the Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources along with a detailed design proposal and construction estimate.


Belair National Park Jetty Remediation Proposal, DEWNR

A site observation was conducted of the original hardwood timber jetty located at Playford Lake in the Belair National Park. It was determined that the pylons to the structure appeared stable; however the decking and balustrades had deteriorated significantly. A detailed report was completed recommending the replacement of the entire deck and balustrades, together with new compliant access stairs.


Banksia Park Families SA Facility Retaining Wall Structural Remediation, Spotless Services

The condition of the existing masonry wall located at Ryde Grove, Banksia Park needed to be evaluated for its structural integrity. A visual inspection was conducted which revealed the wall appeared to be structurally unstable and needed to be isolated from access immediately as it posed a safety risk. The condition of the wall was ominous and it was recommended the wall be demolished and replaced with a fully engineered concrete sleeper retaining wall.


Willunga Horse Stables & Shearing Sheds Redevelopment Feasibility Options, DEWNR

Our client required Camco to carry out an investigation of the Willunga Creek Stables which were originally built in the early 1900’s, and provide an in depth engineers building assessment report.


Granite Island Kiosk Safety Condition Assessment & Redevelopment Feasibility, DEWNR

An assessment of the Granite Island Kiosk and provide the Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources a detailed engineering report.




HARD LANDSCAPES – Granular Pavements, Bitumen, Block Paving & Concrete

Concrete works: Can be as minor as repairing a small crack in a pathway or grinding down concrete to prevent dangerous trip hazards; to larger and more complex projects such as refixing concrete coping to parapet walls, “hammer” testing concrete structures to determine their structural integrity or recalking control joints. Camco also has the capacity to construct new structural concrete such as footings or suspended slabs and non-structural such as kerbs or footpaths. We have vast experience in surface coatings such as epoxy and tint treatments on all types of surfaces.


Road & Footpath Repairs: Block paved, concrete, bitumen or granular, we can engineer a suitable solution for repair or replacement. Camco has vast experience in lift and relay paving, remediating potholes on bitumen, providing a cement stabilised granular “wearing surface” or patching a failed section of concrete pavement. We are also skilled in new pavement construction and take a project from concept to design and through   to final construction completion.


O’Halloran Hill SAMFS Pavement Repairs, DPTI – Facility Services

Bitumen pavements repairs in various locations at the Majors Road SAMFS site. The project scope includes saw-cutting and removal of the existing pavement, construction of new granular pavement including bitumen seal.


Ashford Tennyson Medical Centre Carpark Repairs, Stevens Partners

Camco were contracted to upgrade the carpark to the Ashford Tennyson Medical Centre by  removing the existing concrete footpath and kerbing including sawcutting and disposal costs, constructing a new footpath including base preparation, membrane and bond breaker, constructing a new concrete kerb including base preparation and reinstate carpark including base preparation and asphalt surface.


Adelaide Botanic Gardens Remove & Relocate Weir & Inverts maintenance, DEWNR

Construction of a new bypass weir in the First Creek channel. The project scope includes the removal of an existing concrete weir, making good and construction of a new lower profile weir 15m downstream.


Plant Research Centre Site Remediation, DPTI – Facilities Services

Construction of new concrete spoondrain to improve drainage and building water proofing. The project scope includes the removal of an existing concrete spoondrain, base preparation, new stormwater drainage network and construction of a new concrete barrier kerb/spoondrain.


Plant Research Centre Site 1 & 2 Civil Remediation Works, DPTI – Facilities Services

Shotcrete stabilisation and stormwater drainage improvements. The project scope includes two parts: the preparation and placement of shotcrete to existing batters and the construction of a new lined swale drain for overland flow redirection.


Regency TAFE Courtyard Paving Upgrade, Spotless Services

Remove existing pavers, prepare, supply and lay pavers to the existing walkways in the Regency Tafe courtyard.

Strathmont Centre Concrete Slab & Bitumen Roadway Pothole Repairs, DCSI

The Strathmont Centre at Oakden accommodates and trains people with intellectual disabilities and the facility had several internal bitumen roads with severe undulating areas. Camco were engaged to repair these bitumen roads which included sawcutting the affected areas, strip away badly damaged bitumen, supply and lay new rubble and finally lay and level the new bitumen.


Roma Mitchell Secondary School Concrete Caulking & Bitumen Cracksealing, Spotless Services

The bus pick up bay within the Roma Mitchell Secondary School had severe cracks in the bitumen and also several large cracks within the concrete steps. Camco were able to crackseal the bitumen footpath and cut and caulk the cracks in the concrete steps.


David Street Magill Paving Lift & Relay, City of Burnside

Remove existing brick pavers and return to council storage depot, construct RC beams, undertake repairs to existing base, supply and lay new pavers, demolish and reconstruct concrete slab


Fort Largs Police Academy Rubber Softfall Running Track Repairs, Spotless Services

The softfall track located at the Fort Largs Police Academy had degraded and Camco were engaged to complete the remediation works which included the supply and placement of concrete haunching to the ends of the softfall track, remove the damaged track to repair the base and replace failed areas within the softfall area.


Uni SA Mawson Lakes Campus Road Repairs, University of South Australia

This project involved pavement repairs at Uni SA, Mawson Lakes campus along University Boulevard. The project included a staged approach to traffic control, excavation work to prepare the existing area for new pavement construction, supply and lay new AC10 bitumen and line marking.


Regency TAFE Paving Works to Centre Courtyard, Spotless Services

Upgrade of the existing paved pathways in the central courtyard at Regency TAFE. The project scope includes the removal of the exiting block paving, preparation of new base, supply and installation of new interlocking block pavers and ancillary reinstatement.


Cleland Wildlife Park Main Entrance Bitumen Repairs, Spotless Services

Upgrade of new existing failed bitumen pavement at the entrance to Cleland Wildlife Park. The project scope includes the removal of the existing bitumen, trimming of the existing base and placement of new bitumen (150m2)





Retaining Walls & Gabion Baskets: Retaining structures come in many forms and provide many functions both structurally and aesthetically. Camco can provide an effective solution that meets either or both of these briefs. We have had extensive experience in all forms of retaining walls – concrete sleeper, mass-bloc, precast panel, in-situ concrete, masonry (core filled block and stone), moss rock and hardwood timber. We have also constructed many gabion baskets walls both as retaining structures and high quality finished feature walls.


Masonry: Overtime brickwork can deteriorate, become damaged and sometimes structurally unstable due to weathering and moisture attack. When mortar erodes and crumbles, it exposes the brickwork to such issues as damp penetration. Camco has the capabilities to repoint mortar joints, replace rusted lintel beams, replace damaged bricks and acid clean brickwork to restore it to its original experience. Likewise with stone, we have experience in stone mason remedial works and new builds.


Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wetland Gabion Wall Constructions,

Building Solutions

Camco were involved with the construction of a new interactive wetland system at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. The scope of the works included rehabilitating the contaminated soil, bulk earthworks (250,000m3), structural concrete works, pump station and pipeline construction, installation of a dry stack gabion wall, electrical communications services, rock revetment works and landscaping of an aquatic system.


Mt George Creek Crossing Upgrade, DEWNR

Removal of an existing fire access creek crossing in the Mt George Conservation Park and construction of a new compliant crossing. The project scope includes flow management of the active stream, demolition of the existing concrete crossing, construction of new in-situ concrete base, installation of precast culverts, headwall construction, backfilling and make good of the existing bank and road way.



Trinity Gardens Primary School Gabion Boundary Wall Construction, Spotless Services

Camco were engaged to construct a 2 meter high gabion wall for Trinity Gardens Primary School which formed the new boundary fence. The project scope included demolition, site preparation, footing construction and installation of 240m of 2m high wire gabion wall along Port Rush Road.


McAllan Street, Precast Concrete Panel Retaining Wall, City of Burnside

A design and construct project of a new pre-cast concrete panel retaining wall. The project scope included a detailed engineering design, demolition of an existing deteriorated retaining wall, installation of steel RSJ posts, placement of pre-cast concrete panels, backfilling and reinstatement.


Harvey Avenue Netley Core Filled Blockwork Retaining Wall & Chainwire Fence, City of West Torrens

A small retaining wall was constructed from the north end of the bridge in order to adjoin an existing property and the removal and replacement of an existing chain wire fence with 3.15mm diameter heavy galvanised wire.


Glenelg Waste Water Treatment Plant Retaining Wall Rehabilitation, All Water

Construction of a new core-filled block retaining wall at the Glenelg WWTP with the project scope including; demolition of an existing wall, site preparation, and construction of a new retaining wall, backfilling and reinstatement.

Millswood Railway Station Platform Upgrade, DPTI/PTS

The design and construction of an 80m long section of the Millswood Railway Platform. The project includes installation of screw piles, concrete support beams, suspended platform slab, lighting, shelter and fencing. This section will be considered a prototype for future platform renewals should it be successful.


Goodwood Underpass Concrete Noisewall Construction, DPTI/PTS

The Lyons Parade noise barrier was required as an additional part of the Goodwood Junction Upgrade which separated the existing freight trains and Belair passenger lines from the Seaford line. This was constructed to remove the need for trains on either track to have to stop and give way. The noise wall was an additional requirement to the main project and was required to be installed ASAP; Camco was able to install the wall quickly by using prefabricated panel formwork and out of hour’s labour, while working in a live rail corridor.


Surrey Road RSL Rock Sculpture Concrete Footing Construction, City of West Torrens

Camco were engaged to construct a concrete footing for a rock sculpture located on Surrey Road. The works included the supply, installation and removal on completion of props, excavation for the new footing, dowel rock form, steel fix and place the oxide concrete whilst maintaining the integrity of the sculpture.


The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Animal House Masonry Repairs & Repointing, Spotless Services

One of the external walls to the Animal House at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital had started to show signs of deterioration. Camco were engaged to repoint the damaged brickwork to increase the structural integrity of the wall and to prevent future erosion issues.


Highgate Disability Services Masonry Retaining Wall Repairs, Spotless Services

A tree and its roots were causing damage to the brickwork in a raised garden bed by pushing the brick wall forward. The tree was removed and the garden bed re-trenched to stabilise the brick wall. Damaged areas of the brickwork and joint cracking were then repaired.


Crafers Primary School Stone Wall Remediation, Spotless Services

Remediation works were required which included the following:- creating a swale at the high side of the rock wall, high pressure clean stained/slippery steps and walls, dry stack wall to match existing, repairs to sandstone of retainer wall and additional pointing to stone wall.


Blackwood High School Balcony Brickwork, DPTI - Facilities Services

Camco were engaged to conduct a site investigation and report to determine the structural stability of the balcony brickwork to the Blackwood High School.





Metalwork, Roofing & Fencing: Camco has experience team of in-house metal workers capable of all types of metal work projects. Our skills include fencing (repairs or new colourbond, loop top, chainwire), roof plumbing (repairs or new roofing, gutters, downpipes, flashings), sheds (kit and custom), carports/verandahs and screens (perforated, timber slat). We have successfully completed small repairs or very large new builds.


Structural Steel: A hard and durable alloy which, due to its strength, is perfectly suited as an engineering construction material. However, over time, steel that is exposed to constant external elements such as rain or a build up of debris may corrode over time. Camco can not only conduct a thorough condition investigation, we are experienced in the application of snit-corrosion techniques that will improve durability and extend an elements life expectancy.


Jervois Street Suplly and Install Cycle Way Fencing, City of West Torrens

Construction of a new “bike safe” cycle way fencing in two sections along the Torrens Linear Park. The project scope includes construction of new concrete sleeper retaining wall, fabrication and installation of new cycle way compliant fencing and making good existing surfaces.


PIRSA Glenside, Repairs to Canopy, Spotless Services

Remedial works to the existing entrance canopy at PIRSA Glenside. The project scope includes the replacement of the existing roof, box gutter, downpipes, soffit lining and lighting.


Families SA Kilkenny Shed Demolition & Replacement, Spotless Services

An old wooden shed in disrepair needed to be removed from the Families SA Kilkenny site. Camco were engaged to demolish the shed, remove the rubbish and install a new garden tool shed.


Mt Barker High School Gas Bullet Fencing & Access Upgrade, Spotless Services

Fencing around gas bullet - remove existing timber sleepers, construct new retaining kerb, reinstate fence with chainwire, backfill kerb and make good.


The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Crammond Unit Security Fencing Upgrade, Spotless Services

An on-site inspection was conducted to ascertain the extent of damaged fencing in the Paediatric Intensive Car Unit’s courtyard, with badly damaged panels re-fixed and repaired. 


Broadmeadows Railway Station, DPTI – Facility Services

Some of the steel screens at the Broadmeadows Railway station had been subjected to vandalism. The effected screens were removed, repainted by the client and with Camco re-installing the screens.


Bellevue Heights Primary School DMAC Structural Steel & Corrosion Repairs, DPTI-BMS

Camco were engaged to carry out steel remedial works to various sections of the Bellevue Heights Primary School which was built in the 1980’s. The external steel support beams, downpipes to gutters and cladding had all deteriorated and corroded quite extensively due to environmental issues. Camco treated the external steel support beams with an anti corrosion agent, replaced the damaged gutters, downpipes, roofing and cladding and completely rotted fascias. The school building also required the existing shade panels to be removed and replaced with fibre cement sheet panels.


Noarlunga TAFE Theatre Access Ladder Upgrade, Spotless Services

An upgrade was required to the vertical access ladders at the Noarlunga TAFE Theatre. Camco were engaged to remove the two existing vertical access ladders (20m high), construct two new WHS compliant access structures including all structural steelwork, ladders, landing and walkways with roof top access at 20m.

Granite Island Kiosk Replacement of Corroded Structural Steel Columns, DEWNR

Due to the location of the Granite Island Kiosk, the steel support beams are regularly subjected to strong winds and sea spray which is an ideal environment to increase the rate of corrosion of steel structures. Camco were engaged to inspect the site and provide a detailed engineering report to DEWNR. From the findings of this report, Camco were then contracted to carry out the repair work by replacing the badly corroded steel columns and applying a corrosion resistant coating to all of the steelwork. 


Unley High School Repairs to Handrails & Balustrading, Spotless Services

Camco were engaged to remove the existing damaged concrete and replace to support the existing balustrades. The areas of rusted balustrading and handrails were then treated rust-guard to avoid further corrosion and finally painted. A concrete kerb was then formed to the top of existing retaining wall to secure existing balustrade.


Smithfield Memorial Park Footbridge, Adelaide Cemeteries Authority

A design and construct project to install a new 6.5 x 1.7m pedestrian footbridge at the Smithfield Memorial Park. The scope of the project included removal of the existing permapine footbridge and footings, preparation works for the new footbridge including excavation of footings, bridge abutments, installation of new footbridge, 125mm concrete bridge deck slab with recycled plastic deck, reinstate instant turf & paving.


Woodville Families SA Carport, Spotless Services

The Families SA Woodville office required a new carport to their carpark. Camco were contracted to remove the existing tree, garden bed and then prepare the bitumen so the new 15x6m carport could be constructed.





The years of experience on large civil projects and working closely with SAPN (South Australian Power Networks) our team of in-house engineers have developed and certified a method of stobie pole propping that is fast, safe and cost effective. Camco has become the contractor of choice any works involving encroachment into the “safe” zone of an existing stabile pole footing.


Hillier Road Evanston Stobie Pole Support, TCM Nominees

Supply and bolt plates to pole and install slimshore props & concrete blocks.

Para Road Evanston Stobie Pole Support, AR Contracting

Supply and weld plates to pole, install & dismantle slimshore props and concrete blocks throughout the works.


Gilberton Land Division – Undergrounding of Existing HV Power, Watersun Developments

Construction of a 40 allotment land division on the previous channel 7 site at Gilberton. The project scope included all new infrastructure to service the new dwellings – sewer, stormwater, water, roads, kerbs, electrical, gas and communication. This project also incorporates the landscaping of the future “suburb”.





The DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) is in place to ensure that people with a disability are treated fairly and equally. This applies to buildings, their related facilities and external surrounds being designed or modified in a way that does not impede their use in any way by people with a disability. DDA upgrades can range from access ramps, designated parking areas, compliant handrailing, wheelchair access, tactile indicator installations and compliant stair nosings (non-slip, high visibility). Camco has been engaged to construct many DD upgrades to government buildings, private commercial facilities, railway stations, carparks and external grounds at educational facilities.




City of Burnside DDA Upgrades to Various Public Buildings, Spotless Services

Camco completed disabled access compliance works at 10 different sites throughout the Burnside Council including the upgrade of car park access, pram ramps and stairs.


Lobethal TAFE Upgrade to Existing Building Access Ramp, Spotless Services

Camco were engaged to perform modifications to the existing decking ramp at the Lobethal Tafe campus. A new nonslip landing was constructed over the existing concrete ramp and the handrails adjusted or replaced to suit the new ramp.


Mitcham Railway Station Supply & Installation of Compliant Tactile Indicators, DPTI/PTS

The removal of existing bitumen and non-compliant tactiles; the installation of compliant tactile indicators on mortar and the reinstatement of bitumen surface and linemarking.


Gilles Plains TAFE Supply & Installation (retro-fit) of Compliant Tactile Indicators, Spotless Services

The DDA upgrade at the Gilles Plains Tafe campus required Camco to carry out rectification works and install tactile ground surface indicators to all of the internal and external stairs, ramps, elevations and to complete minor remedial works to the disabled toilet facilities.


Port Adelaide TAFE DDA Compliance Upgrades to Existing Access Stairs, Spotless Services

Camco were engaged to carry out a DDA compliance upgrade to the external area of the Port Adelaide Tafe campus. The works included removal of the existing pram ramp and replacing it with a fully compliant ramp together with tactiles. Tactile indicators were also installed on the paved stairs, and finally 7 new stainless steel handrails were installed.


Fullarton Road Bus Shelter Relocation, City of Unley

Removal and relocation of an existing bus shelter to a new location. The project scope includes excavation and removal of thee existing shelter and footings, preparation of new footings, craning into place and reinstatement of tactiles/pavers.


State Hockey Centre Access & Egress Upgrade, Spotless Services

Upgrade of access and egress to current compliance at the State Hockey Centre. The project scop includes the removal of an existing roller door, installation of new double egress doors, fabrication of ne handrails and modification to allow “free to exist” of an existing perimeter gate.


Mawson Lakes Railway Station DDA Upgrade, DPTI – Facility Services

Upgrade of the existing parking and access facilities at Mawson Lakes interchange to DDA compliance. The project scope includes conversion of 20no. existing 4’ car parks into 8no. DDA compliant 90’ car parks including pram access ramps, linemarking and bollards.





Demolition: Using our range of plant and equipment (small and large) Camco can complete all types of demolition work. Our crews have experience in the demolition of concrete structures, prefabricated buildings such as DMACs and sheds, fencing, playgrounds and commercial buildings. We cover all bases including termination of existing services, asbestos removal (by others), waste disposal, site remediation and validation. 


Landscape & Playground Remedial Works: Camco has had extensive experience in the maintenance, upgrading and new construction of various forms of external landscapes – both soft and hard. Our expertise include the compliant construction of tree removal, gardens beds, soft fall area upgrades (rubber and mulch), minor service trenching, brick paving (new and relay), irrigation, instant turf, moss rock walls, privacy screening and any general outdoor functional spaces.




Demolition of Magill Secure Care Training Centre, Spotless Services

Camco were contracted to demolish the Magill Secure Care Training Centre including decommissioning the services, removal all fittings and fixtures and demolishing the swimming pool. This 19ha site is planned to be rezoned for a large housing development.


Majors Road Stable Demolition, DEWNR

After an engineering inspection was carried out of the stables at Majors Road, O’Halloran Hill it revealed they were structurally unsound and it was recommended that they be demolished. Camco demolished the two existing stables, in-filled an existing well and cleaned the site.


Goodwood Primary School Concrete Replacement & Trip Hazard Grinding, Spotless Services

Grind, crack repair, patch, epoxy seal two areas to the first floor concourse at Goodwood Primary School.


Belair National Park Jetty, DEWNR

An investigation was carried out of the Playford Lake jetty located in the Belair National Park which deemed majority of the hardwood timber jetty (excluding the pylons) to be dangerous and in need removal. Camco were subsequently engaged to demolish the jetty structure below the deck level and leave the unaffected pylons.


Smith Road, Blakeview Demolition of Shearing Sheds, DEWNR

Camco had previously conducted an inspection of the derelict shearing sheds located at Smith Road, Blakeview. This was to ascertain the current structural stability of the buildings and if the sheds had any potential future use. It was determined the site in its current state was unsafe and Camco were engaged to demolish the shearing sheds and sheep dip well.  

Trinity Gardens Primary School Piazza Amphitheatre Construction, Spotless Services

Camco were engaged to remove the existing concrete paths, install sump and connect to existing, supply and install a rubble base, trim and compact the existing base, install multiple types of pavers and finally construct an amphitheatre with stepped seats and capping.


Gilles Plains Tafe Child Care Centre Playground Upgrade, Spotless Services

The grounds located at the former child care centre of the Gilles Plains Tafe campus required an upgrade with the existing play equipment and rubberised softfall removed. Retaining blocks and irrigation were then installed and pavers and an instant lawn laid. The area was then finalised with the addition of moss rocks and bark chips.  


Athelstone Primary School Amphitheatre & Stone Sealing Walls, Spotless Services

Site works to shape existing mound, construct new stonewell seats, construct a block paved amphitheatre and walkways, and finally mulch the existing garden beds.


Thebarton Senior College Peace Garden, Spotless Services

Camco were engaged to construct a new peace garden at the Thebarton Senior College. The works included cutting and shaping the site, widening the existing concrete path, construction of a powered pump water feature including pond liner and river pebbles, installation of 3 monolith feature rocks and 4 large rocks, construction of a rubble hardstand and the supply & installation of paling posts.


Adelaide Botanic Gardens Palm House Upgrade Cement Treated Footpaths, DEWNR

Upgrade of existing walking pathways around the perimeter and accessing the palm house in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. The project scope includes the “tying” of the existing pathways, supply, placement and compaction of new cement treated sand to final finished level.





Bridges and their substructures can become structurally unsound over time which can pose a threat to public safety and the longevity of the bridge structure itself. Camco’s team of in-house engineers can provide design input to remedial works or even design/construct a replacement bridge should the current structure no longer be serviceable. Our team of skilled construction workers also have a range of experience in concrete rehabilitation, corrosion protection and abutment scouring armouring.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens Trade Bridge Capacity Upgrade and Erosion Repairs, DEWNR

An upgrade of the existing trade entry bridge over First Creek, to increase the load limit and life expectancy of the current structure. The project scope includes modifications to the existing concrete footings, replacement of existing steel members, new handrailing and stone repointing. Before and after pictures below:-



Hazelwood Park Pedestrian Footbridge Abutment Upgrade, City of Burnside

After an inspection of the Hazelwood Park footbridge was carried out by the City of Burnside it revealed the existing timber bridge was not safe for public use due to erosion of the northern abutment supporting the span of the bridge. Camco were engaged to underpin the timber bridge to improve its support and structural integrity. A new concrete pad was also installed to support the abutment and finally the bluestone veneer was matched to the existing exposed front face of the abutment to maintain the bridge’s heritage appearance.


City of West Torrens Various Bridge Repairs & Maintenance, City of West Torrens        

After a council inspection of bridges within their council zone, Camco were contracted to carry out repair works to the Brooker Terrace bridge. The scope of the works included minor crack repairs to the abutment and channel walls below the bridge, upgrade of the chainwire fencing and installation of double gates to prevent public access, steam cleaning of the concrete posts and deck edge to remove discolourations and the bridge plaque was cleaned and reinstated.


King William Road Box Culvert Crossing Remediation, City of Unley

Remedial works to an existing composite concrete and stone culvert crossing under King William Road, Unley. The works included the cleaning out of the existing debris material, construction of new in-situ base slab and concrete repairs to the existing structures.


Avenue Road Bridge Remediation & Concrete Repairs, City of Unley

The composite concrete and stone culvert crossing under Avenue Street, Millswood required Camco to conduct remedial works. These works included the cleaning out of the existing debris material, construction of new in-situ base slab and concrete repairs to the existing structures.


Saratoga Drive Pedestrian Footbridge Deck & Handrail Upgrade, City of West Torrens

The City of West Torrens required Camco to undertake remediation works to the Saratoga Pedestrian Footbridge handrails by removing the existing paint, removing rust and to provide a smooth galvanised surface to prevent future deterioration of the handrails.




Internal Fitouts: Camco has developed a wide range of skilled trades, both in house and external contractors, that can successfully complete any type of fitout project. We have constructed new classrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, modifications to child care centres and ne reception areas. Work can be a simple piece of joinery, a new access door, new commercial kitchen or fitting out an MP’s office. We can cover all trades including electrical, data/communications, painting, carpentry (1st and 2nd fix), flooring (carpet, carpet tiles, vinyl, tiles), plumbing, mechanical, concrete works and glazing.


Ceilings & Plasterboard: Camco is equipped to carry out repairs to existing ceilings (T-bar, plasterboard, rondo) and walls (ply, plasterboard & MDF). We can also construct new ceilings and walls including the placement of insulation and sisalation. All of our construction team hold scaffold and working at heights tickets to ensure no job is too challenging.




Regency Tafe Relocation of Student Services, Spotless Services

Internal fit out of existing office space converting several former offices into a reception and training area for student services. The project scope included removal of existing walls, installation of new joinery (DDA compliant counters), power, data, lighting and painting throughout.


PIRSA Glenside, Repairs to Canopy, Spotless Services

Remedial works to the existing entrance canopy at PIRSA Glenside. The project scope includes the replacement of the existing roof, box gutter, downpipes, soffit lining and lighting.


Waite Institute Plant Research Centre Replacement of Expansion Joint, DPTI - Facilities Services

Installation of a new “Latham” joint to water proof an existing expansion joint between slabs. The project scope includes the removal of an existing expansion joint, preparation and installation of proprietary water proofed joint in the greenhouse complex at Waite.


Regency TAFE International House Accommodation & Kitchen Repairs, Spotless Services

The International House accommodation wing of the Regency Tafe campus underwent an upgrade which included the construction of cabinets under the bathroom vanities, installation of shelving, removal and disposal of ironing board cupboards and where the cupboards had been removed, the walls were patched and prepared for painting. Finally, TV brackets were installed into each bedroom.


Port Adelaide TAFE Removal and Replacement of Fallen Eave Linings, Spotless Services

At the C-Block building located at the Port Adelaide Tafe, a 7metre section of eave lining had been damaged and had fallen. Camco were engaged to remove the existing eave lining, install new eave lining, paint, match & make good.


Golden Grove Village Shopping Centre New Tenancy T-Bar Ceiling Constructions, JLL

A new tenancy opportunity presented itself within the Golden Grove Village shopping centre and the soon to be tenanted area required a full ceiling replacement. Camco were engaged to construct a 2.4m high and 3m2 ceiling.


Noarlunga TAFE New Lift Construction, Spotless Services

Camco were engaged to construct a new vertical passenger lift that will provide access to the first floor of the Noarlunga TAFE campus. The scope of works included the removal of disposal of trees on the site, lift & store pavers for re-use on site, removal of planter box, sawcut & remove existing handrail, excavate new lift well, construct concrete bearing paid and reinforced basement, construction of core filled block walls, supply & install structural steel, construct concrete roof slab, render exterior lift shaft walls, supply & install new lift ancillaries and supply power & communications to new lift well. Once the lift works were complete, the existing pavers were re-laid, emergency lighting was relocated and a new planter box constructed and tree planted.


Enfield Electoral Office Refurbishment, Spotless Services

Demolition, carpentry, electrical services, mechanical services, joinery, glazing, painting, matching & making good.


The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Pregnancy Advisory Clinic Mechanical Upgrade, Spotless Services

An upgrade to the facilities in the pregnancy advisory building at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital was required with Camco demolishing existing walls and joinery, installing new walls, doors, joinery and associated mechanical services upgrade.


Regency TAFE Computer Workstation Construction, Spotless Services

An upgrade was required to the computer workstations room at the Regency Tafe Campus. Camco were engaged to supply and install 24 new workstations and re-paint the room.  


Regency TAFE ICT Server Room Upgrade, Spotless Services

The server room at the Regency Tafe campus required an upgrade with the construction of a new partition wall, the supply and installation of a new door with hardware and grille then match paint and make good.


Regency TAFE Tiros Toilet Upgrade, Spotless Services

Tiros Restaurant Toilet Upgrade  - demolition works, asbestos monitoring and disposal, floor and wall tiling, supply and install new mirrors, hand dryers and soap dispensers to match existing; supply and install lighting, removal of existing bathroom amenities and installation of new toilet pans, urinals, sinks and cisterns, partition system, painting.


Regency TAFE Operable Wall, Spotless Services

Camco were engaged to install a retractable wall to classrooms 205/206 at the Regency Tafe campus. The works included removing an existing wall and services, the supply and installation of a hanging beam and operable wall, match and make good.


Regency Tafe Resealing of K-block Washroom, Spotless Services

A washroom at the Regency Tafe campus required an upgrade with the works including removal of stainless steel sheeting and cladding, cap off water outlet and relocate to be used in new wall, construct of air break wall with water proofing membrane, water proofing membrane to all surfaces, relocate fire hose reel and water services in fire cupboard, supply and relocation of evaporative air conditioning, modification to floor grate and resealing of the floor.


Regency Tafe Relocation of Student Services, Spotless Services

Refurbishment of existing office accommodation to accommodate a new student services branch. The project scope includes demolition, painting, flooring, joinery, electrical and data.





Traffic Management Solutions: Camco has extensive experience in all forms of traffic control devices ranging from large scale projects such as new roundabouts and intersection upgrades to smaller scale projects such as traffic calming devices, ‘blisters’, wombat crossings, speed humps, driveway links and shared use paths.


Signage Installation & Linemarking: Road signage, high level and tight access signage, street and traffic signage, in-ground and mounted on an existing structure – Camco are experienced and able to complete all signage and linemarking projects to current compliant standards. We can also do electrified signs.


Unley Road Pedestrian Crossing, City of Unley

Camco were engaged to construct a pedestrian activated crossing on Unley Road (adjacent to Culvert Street). The works included all cabling, service relocations, kerb works and installation of signage.


Queens Lane Slow Point, City of Burnside

The City of Burnside liaised with Glen Osmond residents in regards to local area traffic management where it was decided that a slow point/driveway link would be constructed on Queens Lane (adjacent to Allawah Avenue, Glen Osmond). Camco were engaged to cut back, excavate and dispose of existing kerbing, paving, pram ramp, concrete, asphalt and landscaping materials. The construction of a new driveway link took place comprising of raised block/brick road with a transition kerb of embedded rocks, new pavement and footpaths, installation of tactile indicators, connection of existing stormwater and finally, complete the verge by filling with loam and plant low level vegetation.


Highgate Street School Children’s Crossing, City of Unley

Highgate Street already had in place an Emu crossing (red and white posts which operate only when the children crossing flags are displayed) but for the safety of the children attending Highgate Primary School, an upgrade to a Wombat crossing (red and white posts at the edge of the road with two yellow alternating flashing lights) was necessary. Camco were engaged to supply and install the Koala crossing which included trenching and reinstatement of conduits and pits, traffic signal works and signage and linemarking.


St Peters College Wombat Crossings & Student Pedestrian Management Upgrade, St Peters College

St Peter’s College required an upgrade to the drop off / pick up car parking, along with new wombat crossings, a roundabout, modified pedestrian crossings and pram ramps. The works included the installation of permeable paving bedded on “ecocell” filled with 40mm granulated rock, creating a clever stormwater detention system to help control peak rainfall runoff. The works also included the installation of new kerbing; stormwater drainage, pram ramps, traffic signage and upgraded lighting.


St Peters College Junior School Carpark, St Peters College

To improve on the level of safety of junior school students, staff and parents, Camco were engaged to install bollards to the drop off zone at the St Peters College Junior School.


First Lane Speed Hump Construction, City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters

Due to the location of First Lane being behind the St Peters town hall, it regularly has heavy pedestrian traffic. The laneway has interrupted vision for motorists due to the surrounding fencing and retaining wall which poses a risk to pedestrians. Camco were contracted to construct two speedhumps together with signage and linemarking in order to slow traffic using First Lane and reduce the risk to pedestrians in the vicinity.


West Beach Sports Park Supply & Install Timber Bollards, City of West Torrens

The City of West Torrens appointed Camco to install 14 timber bollards with fabricated steel capping to their sports path located at West Beach.


Mt Barker Primary School LED Sign Installation, Spotless Services

Camco were engaged to remove and dispose of an existing sign at the Mount Barker Primary school. A new LED sign was to be installed with the works including the electrical connection, installation of footings and conduit to the main switchboard.


The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Crammond Building Signage & Linemarking Upgrade, Spotless Services

The works included installing signage and linemarking near the boiler room at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.


Linden Park Primary School Sports Courts Linemarking Upgrade, Linden Park Primary School

The netball courts at the Linden Park Primary School needed their linemarking upgraded as it had faded over time. Camco were engaged to carry out red linemarking of the courts. 


Phillips Crescent B-Double Access, Tonkin Consulting

The intersection of Mawson Lakes Boulevard and Phillips Crescent, Hendon required the road to be widened to allow for B-double access. The works included demolition, kerbing, pavement construction and finally linemarking.




Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is about integrating water cycle management into urban planning and design to manage the impacts of stormwater from development.  It works at all levels – at the lot level, street and precinct level, as well as regional scales – with the aim of protecting and improving waterway health by mimicking the natural water cycle as closely as possible.


Camco have become industry leaders in WSUD construction through on site “trial and error” and via its commitment to the Stormwater Institute of Australia. We remain advocates of the system and make proactive contributions to further constructability improvements. Over 10 years, we have evolved the method of construction to ensure a quality outcome is achieved. Many examples of such projects are listed below.


Mortimer Street Tree Pits, City of West Torrens

Construction of new WSUD drainage “tree pits” along Mortimer Street Kurralta Park. The project scope includes excavation and placement of filter media, concrete retaining walls and interconnecting pipework matching into an existing SEP.




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