Pauls Drive Culvert Replacement, Valley View

Client: City of Salisbury
Construction Period: 32 Weeks
Value: $2,150,000

Project Scope: Camco were engaged to upgrade the existing low level 3m x 3m single cell box culvert crossing of Dry Creek on Pauls Drive in Valley View. The existing crossing had limited capacity to pass flood flows in Dry Creek and frequently (i.e. every couple of years) became a floodway. The upgrade is intended to achieve flood immunity for 1:100 year floods. The new Culvert Bridge is constructed with precast culverts on an insitu base slab incorporating an integrated dropdown concrete structure with rock pitching and insitu concrete wingwalls up to 5m high.

Innovation and Value Add: The creek flows were managed by building a dam up stream and diverting the flow with an 8 inch pump with the outflow running through a new stormwater pipe that ran under the new road, expelling the creek water downstream outside the work area. The outlet pipe was then pulled out on completion of the job. When the forecast exceeded 20mm of intense down fall the creek would be allowed to breach the dam, the equipment was positioned high enough on the creek bank to avoid any inundation. Camco utilised a plastic composite form work system which was low weight and extremely simple handling. Not only the formwork that was used, but also the entire concept, with a minimal number of different system components, ensured the concrete walls could be easily and efficiently formed with only a minimal number of different system components, then striped and removed quickly to avoid the chance of inundation.


Third Creek Drainage Realignment

Client: City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters
Construction Period: 6 Months
Value: $2,750,000

Project Scope: Construction of new box culverts ranging in size from 3.6x1.8m to 4.8x1.2m on precast interlocking concrete base slab, to upgrade and re-align the Third Creek culvert under Payneham Road and the existing open channel south of Lewis Road. The scope included construction of two in situ concrete transition structures along the culvert and a temporary concrete inlet structure upstream of the work. Associated ancillary works included concrete drain from Lewis Road linking into the new culvert and sealing off and removing various sections of existing drainage and culverts. Specifics of the works for this project included:

  • Construction of 145 metres of 3600 x 1800 reinforced box culverts
  • Construction of 35 metres of 4800 x 1350 reinforced box culverts
  • Upgrade of approximately 112 metres of existing stormwater infrastructure along Lewis Road to the West of Ashbrook Avenue
  • Upgrade of approximately 55 metres of existing stormwater infrastructure along Lewis Road to the East of Ashbrook Avenue
  • Relocation of approximately 110 metres of SA Water mains water service
  • Relocation of approximately 103 metres of SA Water sewer main

Innovation and Value Add: Camco undertook the following in order to accelerate the programme to expediate works and provide a cost saving to council:

  • Third creek was maintained live throughout the project through a series of baffle walls and temporary measures. This resulted in no flows being impeded during the duration of the project
  • Precast interlocking slabs in lieu of insitu concrete floors. Base slabs were made in a male/female configuration with a high strength shear key to prevent any movement. This resulted in works being accelerated and resident access being less impeded than it would have been with the insitu option
  • SA Water (Sewer and water main relocation) – due to the complexity of the service relocations required. Camco, due to its SA Water accreditation were able to offer to undertake these relocation works. This resulted in significant time savings and better interfacing of works.



Maltarra Road, Munno Para - Stormwater Upgrade

Client: City of Playford
Construction Period: 20 Weeks
Value: $760,000

Project Scope: Upgrade of an existing failed in-situ concrete box culvert base slab adjacent Main North Road Munno Para. The project scope includes the excavation and stockpiling of an existing noise mound (approximately 4m high), removal and storage of the existing 3m x 900mm high box culvert crowns, demolition of the failed base slab, preparation and construction of the new in-situ structural base slab, remediation of all culverts and replacement of the existing culverts that were beyond repair, backfilling and reinstatement of the existing noise mound and various small drainage modifications. 

Innovation: Whilst working onsite it was identified that there were some failures further upstream meaning that water was leaching into the in situ soil and bypassing the culverts. Council requested that this was repaired. The repair methodology was then developed in conjunction with the supplier to ensure the longevity of the repair, it used various highly specialised crack patching materials that were able to be applied in damp and underwater conditions.
Problem Solving: Once the culverts were exposed it was identified that a number of culverts were beyond being salvaged. Camco demobilised at no extra cost to the client whilst awaiting the manufacture of the additional culverts.
Work, Health and Safety: Working in an active watercourse, meant that it was imperative to maintain a high standard of environmental management. A low flow pump set up was established in order to reduce the flows through the site and sedimentation basins as well as haybale traps were constructed in the water course to reduce sediment levels.


Onkaparinga Valley Road, Woodside CWMS - Gravity Mains Upgrade

Client: Adelaide Hills Council
Construction Period: 45 Days
Value: $405,000

Project Scope: Construction and upgrade of a new sewer waste pipeline for Adelaide Hills Council which included decommissioning of existing sewer waste infrastructure. The project scope included over 700m of new installation, 2x new manholes, linking into a pump station manhole and reinstatement of asphalt / concrete at affected areas through a public refuge area and skate park complex. Pedestrian access and vehicle traffic was maintained throughout the duration of the project whilst working on both Local and State Government assets.

Innovation and Value Add: The design which was issued had some flaws which made the scope of works impossible to be able to connect into existing infrastructure without some major disruptions to local business and household activities. The experience of the project team with sewer construction made problem solving these issues far less difficult and provided the council with reassurance and confidence moving forward. This resulted in added scope, and benefittted local business and households as no disruptions to their activities or notification needed to be issued.


Tonsley Innovation District, Clovely Park - Stormwater Civil Works

Client: Renewal SA
Construction Period: 11 Weeks
Value: $1,080,000

Project Scope: Works consisted of three different lines:Works consisted of three different lines:Part A: Northern Drainage (Back of Block) The Tonsley Stormwater Masterplan identified that future and existing stormwater is to be managed through a stormwater easement and infrastructure along the northern boundary of allotments. This was undertaken through installing 250m of 1050 to 750 pipework. Part B: Low Flow Diversion Tonsley’s WSUD Strategy, needed stormwater to be diverted from its current location adjacent allotment 301, to the proposed future wetland located on the northern boundary of the site. The scope was to lay 350m of 375 RCP and box culverts for future wetland works. Part C: Greenway Drainage As part of the new railway corridor extension it was identified that the existing 1050 RCP line required extension by 150m Kerbing works – 250m to capture any overland flow including new stormwater SEPs.

Innovation and Value Add: Camco offered design advice on the Greenway drainage to fit budget constraints, as a result the job was installed within the client’s budgetary constraints.


Rutland Avenue, Stormwater Drainage Upgrade

Client: City of West Torrens
Construction Period: 16 Weeks
Value: $1,150,000

Project Scope: Road infrastructure and stormwater upgrade of Rutland Ave between Henley Beach Road and Sir Donald Bradman Drive. The project scope consisted of re-kerbing of approximately 2,000lm, construction of eight new paved speed humps and concrete approaches, 15 raingardens of various shape and design, including irrigation and road resurfacing.

Innovation and Value Add: Design optimisation for the speed humps occurred, this was due to speed of construction and longevity of the asset. As a result of the programme was accelerated by four weeks and access for through traffic was maintained at all times.